June 15 & 16, 2018 (Friday & Saturday)

KTOWN Night Market

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Food Vendors at KTOWN Night Market

Name Booth # Type Food Booth or Food Truck
Belly Bombz F10 Korean wings, sliders, fries, iced coffee Food Booth
Blast Ice Cream T10 Ice cream, sundae & floats Food Truck
Boba Bear F27 Boba milk teas Food Booth
Cafe Der F06 Japanese souffle pancakes Food Booth
Canaan Chinese Cuisine F28 Street food, grill squid, grill chicken, juice Food Booth
Dan Dan F43 Coconut jelly Food Booth
Dough and Arrow F32 Cookies, desserts Food Booth
Even Life F40 Drinks, boba milk tea, fruit tea Food Booth
Freezin Point F11 Ice cream rolls, egg waffles Food Booth
Fujiwara Tofu Cafe F39 Tofu Food Booth
Gong Tea LLC F08 Tea, french fries Food Booth
Hanlin Tea F33 Tea Food Booth
Hugo Trading F05 Popcorn chicken, oyster pancake, mixed pork rice, popcake Food Booth
Ice Land F38 Shaved ice Food Booth
Jason BBQ F23 Chinese street food, Chinese BBQ Food Booth
Kapamilya Filipino Restaurant F26 Pork Skewers, fried balls, calamari, tempura, halo halo Food Booth
Keep It C'asian T05 Cajun Food Truck
Kogi BBQ T03 Korean Mexican Food Truck
Little CA F14 Chinese BBQ skewers Food Booth
Made in Brooklyn Pizza T07 NY Pizza Food Truck
Miister Potato F30 Korean BBQ, squid, bulgogi, ddukboki, swirls potato Food Booth
Miister Potato F44 Korean BBQ, squid, bulgogi, ddukboki, swirls potato Food Booth
Milkabilies F34 Strawberry matcha latte, milk tea, mixed fruit drinks Food Booth
Miss Cloud F31 Rainbow sandwich Food Booth
Momma Fung & Co. F24 Unicorn buns Food Booth
Okamoto Kitchen T01 Japanese Food Truck
Oppa Dukbokki F17 Dukbokki, kimbop, sonndae, deep fries, fishcake soup Food Booth
Papa Fritz T06 Waffle & Fries Food Truck
Pho King Awesome T08 Vietnamese Food Truck
Purunchon F37 Fish cake, canned coconut water Food Booth
Raindrop Cake F12 Raindrop cake, desserts Food Booth
Rice Balls of Fire T04 Poke, sushi burritos korean spicy rice cake, Food Truck
Ridges Churro Bar T09 Churros Dessert Food Truck
Seoul Sausage T02 Korean Food Truck
Seoul Street F13 Korean BBQ, bulgogi fries, spicy rice cakes, nachos, bibimbap Food Booth
Share Tea F15 Boba tea Food Booth
Spark in Moment F42 Pizza Cones Food Booth
Sunday Cafe F09 Tacos, quesadilla, hamburger, nachos, bacon wrapped hot dogs Food Booth
Sunny Blue F22 Musubi Food Booth
Tasty Legend F07 BBQ skewers Food Booth
The VI Tea F36 Crepes, drinks Food Booth
V&R Thai and Chinese Foods F16 Thai food, lobster balls, mango sticky rice, Food Booth
Wogoo California Smoothies F25 Waffle and smoothies Food Booth
Yum Creamery F41 Ice cream Food Booth